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Hannah Kacary
Travel Blogger, That Adventurer
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Hello! I'm Hannah

I have a love of travelling and adventure and I started my blog (That Adventurer) after graduating back in 2013. I've documented all of my adventures since then.

I'm currently at the beginning of my two year working holiday visa in Canada. I spent a year trying to save money whilst living in London, UK (not so easy) and then 5 months living the #vanlife as I travelled through the USA from Niagara Falls to Florida Keys, across to California via Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona then up the West Coast to Vancouver!

I'm a budget traveller through and through. I don’t (often) splurge on fancy restaurants or hotels. I find accommodation that’s affordable without slumming it and cook our own meals to save.

I'm an outdoors lover and want to help you have the best adventure ever.