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Jessica Wright
Founder, Travel Writer, Social Media Manager, Bon Traveler
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Hello, my name is Jessica Wright and I reside in San Francisco. My passion for travel started at a young age when my mother would swift me off to Paris to visit family the minute summer break had begun. Encountering new cafes, small countryside towns, and wandering the streets of big cities has been engrained in me since I was a child. Traveling extensively through France and other neighboring countries, my itch to travel only lengthened as I finished college. Visiting different parts of the world from the colorful streets of Japan to the pristine lagoons of Bora Bora, each experience has brought something new to my view on traveling.

Spending the last year as an independent travel consultant, my job took me around the world and back. Through these travels and work, I found my love to inspire others to travel well and to travel often. After a year as an advisor, my passion grew for capturing the world of travel and thus pursued it since. I love telling a story and capturing the desire to travel through visual experiences that can be shared.

March 2015
San Francisco
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