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#1. What is the best app for navigation for self guided hiking tours?: (4 upvotes, 5 comments).

Posted by Rudi Medved in Discussion, App, Hiking, Outdoors.
Featured on Apr 12, 2024 (2 days ago).


Rudi Medved (Business & Product Developer, World Discovery):

Hi Travel Massive folks,

I'm Rudi and I work for World Discovery, a multiday tour operator and travel agency.

We run a lot of self guided hiking tours and we're looking for a better way to give navigation to our clients for outdoor hikes.

Currently, we're using RidewithGPS, but we're finding that it's not suitable for our hiking tours.

I would be grateful for any solutions from Travel Massive members.


Apoorva Prasad (Founder, The Outdoor Group):

Heya. I feel like I just replied to the exact same question on the Tourpreneur group on Fb. I’ve used FATMAP in the past, it’s very detailed. (We had a partnership with them with both our companies). However I’m sure there are several other great tools!

Jacob Gafner (Founder, Lost Travel):

Hi! For self-guided adventures and trip tracking I would highly recommend Wayward (www.wayward.travel). There's a mobile app for your clients and a suite of web tools for operators called Wayward for Business. Disclosure: I'm the founder of Wayward; we're an independent company that builds tools for the outdoor and travel industry. Wayward's been used in over 120 countries for everything from hiking tours to sailing trips. Let me know if you have any questions!

Mark Phillips (Founder, Nomad Stays):

Komoot by far is the best

Idan Dahan (Co- Founder, Maslol):

I previously developed an app for self-guided tours but realized that tourism companies and bloggers need a white-label interface that works as a web app. An app complicates usage and lowers sales conversion rates.

At Maslol, you can create your self-guided tours in a few simple steps. Additionally, we specialize in customizing content for independent travelers and can help you create the perfect independent experience for your travelers.

End of comments.

#2. Deets: Create, monetize and share personalized guides and trips (12 upvotes, 10 comments).

Posted by Nico Chereque, Paul English in Website, Startup, Travel Tech, AI, Planning, Booking.
Featured on Apr 11, 2024 (3 days ago).

Deets is a platform which empowers travel experts to organize, monetize, and share their travel recommendations.
Our simple tools, guides and trips, enhance each influencer's ability to inspire future travelers.
Thanks to our unique on-platform booking experience, affiliate attribution will no longer be a problem.

Our cofounders are Nicolas Chereque (@nico) and Paul English (@paul) (who co-founded Kayak.com), and we're working to build the next great social travel website.


Nico Chereque (CEO, Deets.com):

Hello everyone!

My name is Nico Chereque, I am the co-founder of Deets alongside Paul English (Kayak.com).

We are creating Deets (deets.com) to empower influencers and creators with tools to monetize their travel recommendations. Guides and Trips can be created to any city in the world, including hotels, restaurants and activities, for now.

🤩 On Deets you can create beautiful travel guides to share with friends and followers.

Create a guide — Share a list of your favorite hotels, restaurants, and activities in any city.
Plan a trip — Generate a trip to plan out your flights, hotel, and things to do each day.
Browse guides — Explore hotel, restaurant, and activity recommendations by city.

We just released our on-platform booking for hotels which means attribution is no longer an issue. Whether users book within 1 or 30 days, the expert will get their revenues. To start, we are giving away 100% of the commission to the influencer!

👉 Learn more about becoming an expert at info.deets.com/experts

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing enhancements to our guides and trips such as collaboration, social following and more. Also, we have a surprise for all the pet owners who wish to bring their best friends with them!

We'd love to connect with Travel Massive members who would like to test our product and get involved as experts.

We also encourage you to register and create guides for your beloved cities which you can then share with friends and family.

📍 Here are all my guides - deets.com/nico

Whether you're coming to San Diego, going to Paris or the BVI's, my guides will help a ton!

Thank you for taking a look!

Paul Dow ():

Sounds interesting, will take a look.

Will be interesting from a content creator perspective.

Christina Belloge (Director, Melanin Travels Magic Ltd):

Currently trying it out love the interface

William (Host/Culture Guide, ):

My cousin recommended that I have a peek. I must commend the seamless interface, clear images, and succinct portrayals created by the guides. So reassuring

Stuart McDonald (Head Chef, Travelfish Pty Ltd):

Hi, I'm working on a story on AI trip planners and will include Deets in the piece. While I’m primarily interested in the AI “trip planning” aspect of the various tools, I saw Deets also offers the opportunity to populate own trip from scratch, but the tool would only let me list POIs that were on the OTAs (GYG, Booking etc) or via a Google search that Deets looks to populate many of the options in the AI side of things—is this by design? If so, I’m wondering what the thinking is behind this, as it seems would be a significant limitation on its use for this sort of thing. Thanks

Nico Chereque (CEO, Deets.com):

Thank you Stuart! I appreciate the question and look forward to reading your piece. We are in the process of adding an option that will allow a user to add a custom entry, which will allow a user to add any item to their itinerary.

Neil Jansson (YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew):

Looks awesome.

Kevin O’Shaughnessy (Founder, CityHook):

Love what I've seen so far Nico. Well done on the product.
Will the expert guides be used for training the AI-generated guides?
I think if the experts were on board this would be quite powerful - either way it would be great to hear your take on this.

Nico Chereque (CEO, Deets.com):

Thank you Kevin for the nice feedback! Incorporating expert guides into AI training is our plan to enhance product quality. Leveraging domain specialists' knowledge will provide more accurate recommendations, improving user engagement and satisfaction. This approach will elevate our product far beyond generic recommendations.

Kevin Mclaughlin (Managing Partner, Experience Media Studios.):

Hi Nico - This looks like a really great start . Well done -I was mentioning to Terry Jones about 6 months ago that no one had captured just the right approach to "influencer travel booking". Hoping you are creating some tools to imbed the booking into some video editing/creation tools - to allow instant gratification/booking , which I think is key to success, especially yo highlight hotel amentities and vibe and also for activities. I work on a lot of video creation for activity brands who work with influencers and drivingh to book is still really hard. Good Luck!

End of comments.

#3. Buy That Hotel: Public listings of small hotels for sale in Portugal (4 upvotes, 3 comments).

Posted by Peter in Marketplace, Hotel, Portugal, Glamping, Hostel, Accommodation.
Featured on Apr 9, 2024 (5 days ago).

Buying a small hotel in Portugal one day is a dream of many people — but finding deals is quite challenging.

Buy That Hotel is a niche marketplace where we:

🔍 Track public listings on real estate websites
🕵‍♂️ Do the detective work of finding Airbnb/Booking profiles
✨ Enrich data with AI (e.g. sentiment of public reviews)
👀 Curate each listing manually


Peter (CEO, Surf Office):

Hey, this idea has been sitting in my head for a long time—so much room for disruption.

The first version is very simple—we track hotels for sales on Portuguese listing sites, then curate them and enrich the data.

Try it out over at BuyThatHotel.com

Wanted to thank everyone who provided feedback and shared it with friends 🙏

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

Cool idea, and nicely executed!

A few sugestions:

1. On the /analyze page "Is this a good deal?" — would you offer a free sample report in return for signing up to the newsletter? Or if the reviews are video based (like the example on the homepage) then put that video on this page too.

2. Weather (e.g. weatherspark.com) would be nice, especially for international buyers.

3. Some articles about the process to a) buy property in Portugal and b) run a business like a hotel. For example, what steps are required, how the formalities work, etc. This could be good SEO too.

Who is your target audience for this website? Hope it takes off, and good luck!

Peter (CEO, Surf Office):

Thank you for the suggestions, really appreciate it!

1. I created this "Analyze page" just a few days ago to see the interest, a lot of room for improvement! All good points you mentioned.

2. Amazing idea, will add it.

3. Yes, but not yet decided how to approach it - if as public blog posts or gated content. There is not such content online, so it has a lot of value.

Target audience are people who are dreaming to buy a small hospitality business. On other side are hotel owners and agents who are looking for more efficient ways to reach potential buyers.

End of comments.

#4. Geodle: Guess the country based on population, government, and other attributes (3 upvotes, 2 comments).

Posted by Maria Stoyanova in Website, Game, Education.
Featured on Apr 3, 2024 (11 days ago).

Geodle is a daily Wordle-ish geography game — guess the country based on population, government, and other attributes such as average daily temperature and religion. You have 6 guesses.


Maria Stoyanova (Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive):

Interesting game based on some different country statistics. A good way to test your world knowledge!

Bruce Garner (Founder, Odynn):

Very interesting concept definitely interesting

End of comments.

#5. AirTrack GPT: Find cheap flights right on ChatGPT (9 upvotes, 6 comments).

Posted by Niki Kravchuk in App, AI, Chatbot, Travel Tech, Flight, Planning.
Featured on Mar 25, 2024 (20 days ago).

This custom GPT will find the best travel deals for you, show the cheapest dates to fly, and suggest the best destinations from your airport.


Niki Kravchuk (Founder, Manyflights):

Hey, Travel Massive community 👋

Back in 2017, I launched a travel Telegram bot named AirTrack. Since then, we've grown to 1.8M users and now handle over 600k flight searches every month. It has been truly inspiring!

Today, I'm excited to introduce AirTrack GPT, a custom GPT designed to find 🛩 cheap flights, discover the 🏖 best destinations, and find the 📅 cheapest dates to fly.

The main goal is to create an assistant that understands the user's needs well in terms of travel planning. I've spent a lot of time creating a simple product that users can trust. A product that reduces the headache of planning a trip. I've also dedicated a lot of effort to training GPT and am satisfied with the result. Here are the main benefits of AirTrack GPT:

🏷 Finding the cheapest flights: We search for tickets at live prices among hundreds of OTAs and airlines, which allows us to find the cheapest flights for users.

🛎 Hotel search: Through integration with Booking.com, users can effortlessly discover the best deals on accommodations.

💬 Handling complex queries: For example, you can specify "Flights up to $100 from New York," "Find flights from London to warm cities," or "Milan - Barcelona, March 20 - 30, direct flights only."

🗺 Discovering the best destinations: Leveraging ChatGPT's extensive knowledge and our flight database, you can discover amazing travel destinations tailored to your preferences or budget.

I continue to improve the product every day, taking into account user feedback. Shortly, I plan to add 🚘 car rentals, 🚂 trains, 🚌 buses, and ⛴ ferries, to the search. I aim to build a multimodal assistant for easy journey planning.


Christina Belloge (Director, Melanin Travels Magic Ltd):

Hello, How acan we access it? @Niki Kravchuk

Kevin O’Shaughnessy (Founder, CityHook):

I found this in the links section airtrackgpt.com/?ref=travelmassive

Niki Kravchuk (Founder, Manyflights):

Thanks, Kevin! Or you can use the direct link: chat.openai.com/g/g-RZ2Suvfcc-airtrack-gpt-cheap-flights-hotels

Christina Belloge (Director, Melanin Travels Magic Ltd):

Thank you Niki!

Manisha Anand ():

Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it myself.

End of comments.

#6. Founders: How did you navigate product-market fit for your travel startup?: (15 upvotes, 8 comments).

Posted by Martin Kwok in Discussion, Startup, Marketing, Entrepreneurship.
Featured on Mar 22, 2024 (23 days ago).


Martin Kwok (Cofounder, Palette):

Hey Travel Massive Community,

My name is Martin, and I'm navigating the exciting yet challenging journey of being a first-time cofounder and product leader. We're currently in the process of refining the second iteration of our MVP. As we prepare for our beta launch, our primary goal is to nail down product-market fit.

From what I've gathered, product-market fit seems to encompass two major areas: our vision (our definition of success and the unique value we aim to deliver to our users) as founders and the empirical data or benchmarks set by others who've successfully launched in similar markets.

Here's where I like to gain more perspective from the Travel Massive Community:

1. Is this dual-sided approach to product-market fit consistent with your experiences?
2. For those who've journeyed through the startup landscape, in the travel space, how did you define and achieve product-market fit for your projects?
3. What metrics, feedback strategies, or milestones have you found critical in signaling product-market fit, especially within the travel industry?

I'm eager for any insights or stories you're willing to share, especially from those who, like me, are navigating the startup journey in travel for the first time. Overcoming challenges or unexpected lessons can offer invaluable guidance for us new to this path.

Looking forward to your shared wisdom and tips on navigating towards product-market fit in this dynamic sector.

Thank you!

Steve Christensen (Entrepreneur, Matter Lens):

Great question, Martin! We’re learning this as well. For me it’s simply learning what the customer wants, building that to align with your vision, and continuously iterating until your target market starts to adopt your product.

Víctor Vazquez (SVP Development, ):

Very interesting topic.

Rahul Goyal (Founder, Traveleva):

We haven't found the perfect market fit for our product yet, but we're working hard to get there. Since we started, we've learned a lot. I think these points are crucial for reaching PMF:

Begin by focusing on the people who really need your solution and clearly represent the problem you're solving. You can broaden your audience later, but your first users should be those who can offer meaningful feedback on your product.

I also find it essential to keep an eye on three key metrics:

Retention - how many users keep coming back to your product

Re-Activation - Making sure to re-engage users who don't use your product regularly, in a personalised way rather than just sending lots of notifications

Renewals - Seeing how many users continue to use the most important features or paid services of your app, this can affect your Net Promoter Score

These are our learnings so far, but I'm open to hearing different opinions or insights.

Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

Product-market fit is totally independent from your own vision on how the product should be and from other companies' data. It is almost never achieved at the beta launch stage and can take months or even years of talking to users, receiving feedback and adjusting your product accordingly.

While it can probably be translated into some kind of metrics, you will just feel it once you reach it. It is basically when you built something people really want and this usually translates into rapid growth and adoption as well as strong retention metrics. It is characterized by a pull from the market (people demand your product) as opposed to your team having to painfully push your product into the market. Another way to test it is asking your user base the following question:

"If our product were to disappear tomorrow, how upset would you be?"

If the majority of your users/customers answer "Very upset", you are probably onto something. Otherwise, back to building something they really want. Obviously, they have to be willing to pay for your product, otherwise you do not have a business at all.

A good article on this here: mixpanel.com/blog/what-14-startup-investors-and-advisors-taught-us-about-chasing-and-finding-product-market-fit/#:~:text=%E2%80%9CIn%20the%20early%20stages%2C%20pre,start%20to%20demand%20your%20product.

Al Miglietta (Tourism & Music consultant, ):

Thanks Martin for this topic.
I work within short term rentals, within the acquisition dpt, and for us the experience of the owners is becoming essential day by day, kind custoner care supposed to be much important than I thought in the past.
all the best!

Leander Dissinger ():

A couple of good comments here already. It's not a clear cut answer, but I like the material Ycombinator is putting out regarding this. Worth a watch: www.ycombinator.com/library/5z-the-real-product-market-fit

Martin Kwok (Cofounder, Palette):

Wow, thank you all for the incredible insights and perspectives shared here. It's clear that navigating to product-market fit is a journey of learning, iteration, and closely listening to what our customers truly need.

A common theme I noticed from your responses is the importance of aligning our product closely with the needs of our target users, refining based on their feedback, and focusing on key metrics like retention, reactivation, and renewals. The discussion here really reinforced the idea that PMF isn't a one-size-fits-all concept and varies greatly depending on our specific market and audience.

I really liked the mixpanel article shared (Thanks Benoit!) – it was very insightful for me. It particularly resonated with me on how it describes the shift from founders pushing their product, to a market pull indicating a strong product-market fit and then goes on to explaining way to quantify these “feelings”. For anyone who hasn't checked it out yet, it's a great read for a deeper understanding of PMF.

Also If anyone is open to chatting, I'd love to connect! Whether you want to talk about your startup, share insights on the travel industry, or simply vent about startup challenges, please reach out! Currently, although we are still building out our second MVP, I have been thinking about funding, pitching, bootstrapping vs seeking investment, and early monetization stratetgies.

End of comments.

#7. Q&A: TravelCon 2024 Lands In Portland, Oregon this May: The Business Event For Travel Creators (12 upvotes, 4 comments).

Posted by Maria Stoyanova in Article, Portland, Oregon, Blogging, Writing, Video.
Updated on Mar 22, 2024 (23 days ago).

[TravelCon](tmsv.co/TravelCon24) is an annual three-day event for travel creators — hosted this year in [Portland, Oregon on May 15-17](www.travelmassive.com/events/travelcon-2024-7187084507). The conference aims to help travel creators turn their passion into a profession and then scale their online presence.

We talk with [Tara Brown](www.travelmassive.com/@tara-7281493137) who heads up operations and events at TravelCon. The team are laser-focused on helping travel creators go pro by turning their passion into a profession and then scaling their online business.

Who should attend TravelCon?

TravelCon is primarily for travel content creators, including bloggers, social media influencers, podcasters, YouTubers and more - if you create content about the travel industry in any capacity on the internet, TravelCon is for you.

Our attendees also represent 30+ travel niches. The top 10 niches are adventure/outdoor, budget, couples, culture and heritage, digital nomads, family, food/dining, international photography, luxury, points and miles, solo, sustainable, and van/rv/overlanding.

Watch the TravelCon Highlights reel and hear what attendees had to say:

TravelCon is also for the brands who are looking to connect with travel creators. In addition to networking and learning, the majority of creators also attend TravelCon to connect with brands, travel boards, CBVs, DMOs, agencies, and service providers. TravelCon 2024 provides a unique opportunity to be in the room with 500+ travel creators with a wide range of niches, platforms, and audience sizes.

What makes Portland, Oregon a great destination for TravelCon this year?

With it’s mix of natural beauty, creative culture, and extensive food scene, Portland is an ideal setting for TravelCon. Attendees will be able to explore the outdoors, both in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Article image #3
*Portland is famed for its huge expanses of green space, from parks and forests to breathtaking mountain tops.*

The variety of local food carts, breweries, and coffee roasters speak for themselves. We’re also excited for attendees to explore Portland’s diverse neighborhoods, each offering their own unique blend of things to see, taste, and do. May is also the perfect time to explore the “City of Roses” and the lush gardens unique to Portland.

What are the key themes at TravelCon this year? What industry trends and disruptions will you be keeping attendees informed about?

The [TravelCon sessions](travelcon.org/schedule/) will focus on one of two things – going pro and scaling. Our attendees are well-equipped with travel knowledge and expertise, so our goal is to help creators focus on the business side of their work.

Article image #0
*TravelCon 2024 will feature Go Pro and Scale sessions.*

“Go Pro” sessions will empower part-time creators to go full-time with topics focused on things like:
* Expanding your reach using advanced SEO, ads, & email marketing
* Discovering creator tools and services to streamline your workflow
* Diversifying how you monetize your content, including affiliate marketing and collaborations
* Building effective partnerships with CVBs, DMOs, Travel Boards, Travel Brands, and Destinations

“Scale” sessions are for full-time creators who are ready to scale their brand, their reach, their content, and their profit, with topics such as:
* Equipping your brand with the right team members, tools, and services
* Diversifying your revenue streams, including product development, courses, or membership communities
* Maintaining balance to avoiding burnout as a full-time creator and digital nomad
* Leveraging AI & other emerging tech for content creation & business growth

What are your top 3 tips for TravelCon attendees?

1. Identify Your Goals

There’s a crucial first task that has nothing to do with packing – setting your intentions. Establishing your goals before you’re in Portland will help you navigate TravelCon with purpose, including what sessions and meetups you attend and how you introduce yourself to attendees and brands. Ask yourself:
* What am I hoping to get out of the event?
* Is there anyone in particular I’m hoping to connect with?
* How am I going to represent myself? Am I a blogger, vlogger, podcaster, freelancer, or something else?

2. Prep to Meet Your People

There's nowhere else you can be among 500+ other travel content creators who get you, your work, and your passion for travel! We pack the schedule with opportunities to make connections so that you can make the most of every meetup, FAM tour, hangout, and hallway chat.

Plan your experience around your personal energy levels and help people remember you by bringing business cards, stickers, buttons, or other small swag items printed with your brand details.

3. Create Content at TravelCon

One thing you might be reluctant to do is actually create content at the event. Don’t be. You’ll be surprised by how many people ask you for a sound bite or a quote for their own podcasts, videos, or articles. In addition to contributing to others, you can create your own content, too.

Even if you aren’t creating content at TravelCon, you can make connections and gather useful information from other attendees at the event. Ask people to give you quotes or establish connections and follow up when you get home.

Who are some notable speakers and brands attending TravelCon?

Here's a few of our incredible speakers and brands who you'll get to meet at TravelCon in Portland:

Article image #1
*[Chris and Sara](youtube.com/chrisandsara), Emily Mandagie / [The Mandagies](www.themandagies.com), Joy and Hugh Obazei / [Afrostylicity](www.afrostylicity.com), Matt Kepnes / [Nomadic Matt](www.nomadicmatt.com) and Preethi Chandrasekhar / [The Eager Traveler](theeagertraveler.com)*

Article image #2
*Christina McEvoy / [Macs Explore](www.macs-explore.com/about), Jessica Serna / [My Curly Adventures](www.mycurlyadventures.com), [Kemoy Martin](www.instagram.com/kemoy_martin), Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi / [Hopscotch the Globe](www.hopscotchtheglobe.com), Raimee Iacofono / [Raimee Travel](www.instagram.com/raimeetravel)*

Prominent travel and content creation brands include: [Travel Portland](www.travelportland.com), [Trip Advisor](www.tripadvisor.com), [Stay22](www.stay22.com), [Mediavine](www.mediavine.com), [AwardWallet](awardwallet.com), [RVShare](rvshare.com), [soNomad](www.sonomad.com), [Rexby](www.rexby.com), [Explorer Chick](explorerchick.com), [MilesMentor](milesmentor.com), [OahuGenius](oahugenius.com), [Pacific Sands](www.pacificsands.com), [Visit Jacksonville](www.visitjacksonville.com), [Hawaii Tours](www.hawaiitours.com), [Visit Missouri](www.visitmo.com), [LetsChat.chat](letschat.chat), [Travel Insurance Center](www.travelinsurancecenter.com), with more being added every day.

What professional networking opportunities does TravelCon provide?

Connecting creators with creators and creators with brands is at the core of our event. We provide lots of opportunities to “find your people” and do business in a way that feels natural and organic.

* Expo: Featuring Travel Boards, Brands, CVBs, DMOs, creator service providers, and more many with specially-curated offers, partnerships, and products to discuss with attendees.
* 1:1 Meetings with Industry Reps: Pro Networking is 1:1 meetings with brands, sponsors, and travel boards, scheduled in advance using our event software. All attendees can participate.
* Meetups: Find your people in meetups tailored to your platform or niches. Our goal is to connect you with as many creators as possible.
* Evening Events: Who doesn’t love letting loose with your travel friends? Have fun at the Welcome Reception, Dinner Clubs, Late Night Meetups, and more.

What exclusive events and activities at TravelCon are you excited about?

Dinner Clubs are a new addition to TravelCon this year. On Thursday evening during TravelCon, groups of 6-8 attendees will share meals at some of Portland’s best spots. These groups will have a host to keep the conversation going and are paired together based on interests and niches.

FAM Tours are pre and post-event adventures to help attendees uncover the vibrant culture of Portland & surrounding areas. Tours will be scheduled for the Tuesday before and the Saturday after TravelCon.

*— Thank you, Tara, for sharing more insights and tips about TravelCon 2024!*

👉 Grab your [TravelCon ticket](tmsv.co/TravelCon24) – use code MASSIVE for 30% discount.


Libby (Creative Director, TravelCon):

Thanks for sharing about TravelCon! We hope to meet some of you there in just a couple of months!

Tommy MO (CEO, amara safari | Luxury Safari):

Amazing, I'll definitely be there to see some of these awesome people.

Ric Gazarian (Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz):

I attended TravelCon in Boston, great event.

Robert O'Connor ():

I'll be there! Looking forward to meeting you all!

End of comments.

#8. Photos from Cape Town Travel Massive: Celebrating Pride Week with Queer Eye Tours at Grand Daddy Hotel (31 upvotes, 15 comments).

Posted by Fuad Peters in Article, Travel Massive, South Africa, Cape Town, Diversity.
Featured on Mar 20, 2024 (25 days ago).

A warm thanks to everyone who attended Cape Town Travel Massive's [Pride Week celebration](www.travelmassive.com/events/celebrate-cape-town-raise-the-rainbow-flag-5446223173) in collaboration with [Queer Eye Tours](queereyetours.com) at the [Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel Rooftop Bar](www.granddaddy.co.za) on Friday 1 March, 2024.

Here's some highlights and news from the evening:

[Michael Gladwin](www.travelmassive.com/@michael-gladwin) from [Afrigay Travel](afrigay.co.za) shared valuable insights into the LGBTQ+ travel market, while [Queer Eye Tours](queereyetours.com) showcased their vision for offering unique experiences to travellers. There was also a call for support to host World Pride in Cape Town in 2028, recognising our region as a beacon of inclusivity and diversity — if you're interested in learning more, please reach out to [Juan Graham Locke](www.travelmassive.com/@juan-graham-locke) or [Michael Gladwin](www.travelmassive.com/@michael-gladwin).

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the electrifying performance by BB Valhour ([short video](www.instagram.com/p/C4AQM0tK3CU/?img_index=6)) — an amazing Drag Artist who has been performing at the popular Lounge & Club Zer021 and at events such as the Pride Mardi Gras.

Thanks to our sponsors — [AB Creations](iamcapetown.co.za/tour/abcreations021/) provided delectable eats, with owner [Alroy Bailey](www.travelmassive.com/@alroy-bailey-8700852447) making a special appearance for the occasion. Prizes generously provided by [Luggage Protector](luggageprotector.co.za) and [Shark Explorers](www.sharkexplorers.com) added to the excitement of the evening — congrats to those who picked up a prize.

Welcome new community leaders! We're excited to welcome new community leaders [Sherise Dreyer](www.travelmassive.com/@sherise-dreyer) and [Michaela Crowe](www.travelmassive.com/@michaela-crowe) to our team, who will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to our future meetups.

Partner with Cape Town Travel Massive: We're always open to sponsorship opportunities and co-hosting future meetups to connect our members and the industry. If you'd like to get involved, please reach out to our community leader, [Fuad Peters](www.travelmassive.com/@fuadpeters), via email at [howzit@iamcapetown.co.za](mailto:howzit@iamcapetown.co.za).

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Fuad Peters (Director, I Am Cape Town):

Thank you to everyone who joined us in making this event a resounding success!

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and memorable performances during the evening.

As we geared up to mark Cape Town Travel Massive's 10th anniversary, our event embraced the spirit of inclusivity and diversity within the travel and tourism industry, particularly focusing on LGBTQ+ travel.

We're excited about future collaborations and welcoming more partners to join us!

Mel ():

Awesomeness!!!!!! 🤩

Parinita Jeaven (Owner YSH Travel, Registered Tour Guide, Your Second Homeland Travel):

Awwww beautiful pics i see - It was so wonderful to see you all - a beautiful evening!

Bienfait (Local tours and environment, ):

I miss the event, looking forward to enttend the next one, thank you 😊

Letishia Charles (Owner | Social Media Manager, Queen Bee Hospitality Marketing):

Another fabulous event! So awesome to be part of the #TravelMassiveCT team! Thanks to all our hosts & speakers and the wonderful venue too. It was the perfect night to mingle and learn about LGBTQ+ tourism. Looking forward to upcoming events... ;)

Alroy Bailey (Chef, AB Creations):

This was one of the most memorable events I have attended and the networking with great minds in the room. Thank you once again for the opportunity to be a sponsor for Travel massive Cape town.

Sherise Dreyer (Marketing, Media and Accessible Tourism, ):

What an incredible night! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us at the Cape Town Travel Massive’s Pride Week celebration in collaboration with Queer Eye Tours. Insightful talk on LGBTQ+ travel to BB Valhour's electrifying performance, every moment was unforgettable. Special thanks to our sponsors AB Creations, Luggage Protector, and Shark Explorers for making the evening extra special with delicious food and exciting prizes. Looking forward to more fantastic meetups and partnerships in the future. Join our vibrant community on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), and don't miss out on upcoming events by joining Cape Town Travel Massive! 🌈 #PrideWeek #Inclusivity #TravelMassiveCT #TravelMassive

Juan Graham Locke (CEO & Founder, Queer Eye Tours):

One of the Greatest Pleasures was getting to meet you Beautiful Soul!🙏💚

Nuri ():

These events are amazing! Well done

Juan Graham Locke (CEO & Founder, Queer Eye Tours):

What a brilliant event! It was an honor and a privilege to host with @Fuad and the Travel Massive Cape Town Team!

For all international DMO's/Tour Agencies/LGBTQIA Travel Promoters...

Please do no hesitate to contact us to find out how we can collaborate in expanding the gateway of safe and inclusive travel for our community to CapeTown, South Africa.

Queer Eye Tours - "Your Journey to Inclusivity"

Anshaaf Hendricks (Personal Assistant Services, HeadyRoses UbuntuHR):

Fantastic 😍 looking forward to meeting you at the next event #Newbie

Claudia Chennells (Owner, Private Tourist Guide, Mother City Escapes):

A fun an inclusive evening! Cape Town’s Travel Massive chapter is growing stronger!

Zulfah Crow (Content Creator, I Am Cape Town):

This was one of the best events I have attended and happy to have helped at registration

Charles Shima (Founder/CEO, Tourifique):

@Juan Graham Locke! Congratulations on the excellent hosting of the event. I know how excited you were in the days leading up to the event.

Joseph ():

I'm def joining the next event. I simply can't wait. I'm loving being part of the Travel Massive family. Travel Massive Northern Cape coming soon.

End of comments.

#9. It's Complicated: The Uneasy Relationship Between OTAs and Tour & Activity Operators: Five Key Perspectives (25 upvotes, 21 comments).

Posted by Benoit Collin in Discussion, Tour, Activity, Booking, Travel Tech, Marketing.
Featured on Mar 19, 2024 (26 days ago).

Drawing from my own research and discussions over several months, I have identified five key issues that define the current relationship between Tour & Activity Operators and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).

The issues are summarised as follows: Commission rates, Competition on Google Ads, Customer Data Access, Visibility and Ranking on OTA Platforms, and Value Proposition. I'll outline each of these issues in this article.

Background briefing — The Tours & Activities (T&A) segment of travel has historically trailed behind airlines and hotels in adopting online booking solutions and still remains one of the last great offline sectors in travel with only 29% of tours & activities bookings completed online in 2023 (source: [Skift](skift.com/insight/state-of-travel/)). Yet the landscape is rapidly evolving — driven by a surge in digital adoption among operators and a growing consumer demand for the convenience and flexibility of online bookings.

Article image #0
*A GetYourGuide advert at [Berlin Hauptbahnhof](en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Hauptbahnhof), which transits 300,000 passengers per day.*

Online travel agencies (OTAs) such as [Viator](www.viator.com) and [GetYourGuide](www.getyourguide.com) play a pivotal role, accounting for 81% of online T&A bookings, compared to just 19% made directly through operators' websites. This dynamic has spurred much debate over the over-reliance on OTAs and the nuanced, often ambivalent relationship between them and tour operators.

Below are the key relationship issues between operators and OTAs, presenting perspectives from both sides:

1. Commission rates

Tour Operators:

* The commission, typically 20-25%, charged by OTAs significantly erodes our margins. It is especially harmful for small operators.

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

* Consider the commission as an alternative to the substantial expenses of direct marketing. You would otherwise spend significant time and money on paid ads (Google, Meta, etc.), marketing agencies, website management, marketing staff, etc.
* We get paid only if a booking is made, which involves less risk than pay-per-click advertising
* We increase your potential reach and bookings significantly. You get new customers that wouldn’t have otherwise considered you. As a result, any booking on our platform should be seen as 75% of a booking that would have otherwise not happened rather than simply 25% of every booking being taken from you.

2. Competition on Google Ads

Tour Operators:

* You are directly competing against us on Google Ads and make it even harder to get direct bookings because you have significantly higher marketing budgets

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

* We are bidding on broader terms such as “biking tour in London” because we sell a wide selection of similar products, rather than specific operator keywords
* We can afford to bid a lot more for keywords because 1) we are more likely to convert into bookings (selling either your product or the one from a direct competitor) and 2) because we create brand awareness after a first booking, which means the customer is more likely to come back and make another purchase during a future trip in a different destination. That’s our advantage as we scale and how our business model works

3. Customer Data Access

Tour Operators:

* The lack of access to customer data hinders pre-experience logistical coordination and the delivery of tailored offerings
* It also makes it impossible to contact the customer post-experience

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

* Maintaining control over customer communications is crucial for protecting our brand image and ensuring a consistent customer experience. We can’t hand off email addresses to operators as some of them might send spammy marketing e-mails and damage our brand

4. Visibility and Ranking on OTA Platforms

Tour Operators:

* The challenge of standing out amid increasing competition on OTA platforms often triggers a downward spiral of pricing wars or necessitates higher commissions for enhanced visibility
* Smaller operators often struggle to achieve high rankings on OTA listings for specific destinations due to escalating competition, not only from similar offerings but also from vastly different products that generate higher booking volumes and secure top page rankings. This situation complicates the visibility of differentiated products with lower sales volumes, making them harder to discover

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

* One of the essential factors that determine a product’s ranking on an OTA is the revenue it generates for the platform. The more bookings a product gets, the higher its ranking will be. There are other factors that may influence a product’s ranking like the number and quality of reviews, pricing, availability, and relevance to the customer’s search criteria. However, revenue generated is the most significant one. Therefore, you should optimize for volume (# of travelers who land on your activity on our platform) and conversion rate (% of travelers who book your tour after viewing it on our platform)

5. Value Proposition

Tour Operators:

* Beyond basic listing services, the perceived added value provided by OTAs is often questioned

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs):

* We expand your visibility to a broader audience
* Our booking system is designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth experience that contrasts with the often less intuitive websites of many operators, which can result in a frustrating user experience and lower booking rates
* Our centralized platform simplifies the management of all reservations, allowing for straightforward tracking of bookings, availability adjustments, and updates to information, thereby decreasing your administrative burden
* We provide you with valuable insights from customer reviews and feedback, enabling you to enhance your service quality and offerings


Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

My questions to Travel Massive members who are running tours & activities:

1. Are you currently listing your offering(s) on an OTA?

2. If yes, can you relate with the issues mentioned? Did I miss any other major topic? What is your overall feedback?

Thanks for your feedback and comments!

Alex Bainbridge (CEO, Autoura):

OTAs as currently structured, for urban day tours, is an obsolete approach in this AI era. The question will be which of the OTAs gets this first.... Thats the major topic you missed, but it is a good set of issues and perspectives!

Arlen Ritchie (Founder (travel startup), ):

I'm curious to get more of your take on this Alex! What do you feel is obsolete and what would be a better approach in the AI era?

Alex Bainbridge (CEO, Autoura):

Pizzas. Think pizzas. I have presented on verticalised personalisation many times, this short video has a slide with how I think the OTAs will restructure www.youtube.com/watch?v=Widu4t-eJ0U

Linda McCall (Cofounder, CMO, Nomad Stays):

Firstly thank you for this interesting discussion I found it very insightful.

Alex Farlander (Alex, alex.travel):

Oh, well, OTAs are different, but generally, while there are certainly some strengths in OTA models, there are some fundamental weaknesses.

1. They can't create tours. "Originals" is an interesting approach, but true originals are created by tour operators who don't really need OTAs.

2. They create price competition between THEIR operators. Quit it, and it will be way easier to position yourself not just against other operators, but against the whole OTA.

3. The commission is insane, which makes it even harder to create great experiences. Also, the customer portrait is not always a great match.

4. The lack of power balance between OTAs and operators attracts weaker operators. Once your business is strong, you detach from the OTA for the reasons above.

5. They seem to be weak in marketing. I don't have access to numbers, but I'm sure they burn their ad budgets. It's not very hard to compete against OTAs, especially if tour operators unite and update their own business models.

It's been quite a few years since OTAs showed up, but I'm still not sure if this model, generally speaking, is long-term viable. I think travel has to develop in a slightly different way.

Tony Carne ():

"if tour operators unite" - also complicated.............

Alex Farlander (Alex, alex.travel):

I know! So many people think they are competitors, while they are not.

On the other side, all my best friends in the industry do exactly the same what I've been doing, and we have no secrets. It's better to grow our pie together rather than compete for our pieces of the pie.

It just takes time, but the journey is awesome. That's what makes it better long-term, imho.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

I like the term co-petitors ...

Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

You make it feel like it is easy to compete with OTAs on marketing! From what I hear, it seems to be a struggle for many operators who do not have the required budget to effectively compete. Do you have an example of tour operators uniting and updating their business models as you mentioned?

Rodrigo Pinto (General Manager, LATC Turismo):

I have been following the T&A space for a while now (although not directly working on it) and the way you've presented both sides of the relationship is very clarifying.

Seems like a love & hate relationship for operators, while OTAs don't have anything to sell without the local businesses....

Thank you!

Scott Ricketts (Founder, Your Sydney Guide):

These are all very valid points and increasingly the large OTA's are making life challenging for small operators. Very customer friendly cancellation policies have lured more people to book through them as well. The pivot towards commission based visibility has been for me the most damaging trend as it is purely revenue driven and does not serve the end customer as they simply get presented with whoever offers the highest commission. The key for operators is to make the system work for you and ideally do not rely too heavily on them for revenue. For me the majority of my bookings are direct and my pricing on OTA's allows for the commissions they charge.

Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

Hey Scott,
Thank you for commenting on your experience! I'm intrigued, you mentioned that "your pricing on OTAs allows for the commission they charge". Are the OTAs not requiring you to provide the same price on their platform as the direct price you are displaying on your own website?

Colin Murray (Founder, One Horizon Africa):

From the Tour Operators perspective, you've nailed it. And if you do your math correctly, you will conclude that you are better to put some of your marketing dollars elsewhere. When you look at the major Tour Operators who also flood their products on the OTAs, you cannot compete. A small Tour Operator may have 10 tours on an OTA. The major players have over 100 tours on these sites. A small tour operator is simply not in the picture so why hand money to them.

Kaycee Gu (Founder & CEO, Narrated Guide):

There is also the issue of self-guided tours. From our market research, we found that more and more people are leaning towards self-guided tours (which is what Narrated Guide is all about). However, it doesn't marry well with OTAs in terms of both the listing and booking systems.

But it's where our target audience is and we have limited marketing budget so we put up with it. For the amount of exposure we get on these platforms, we are okay with the commission rate.

Ian (Founder, Travel Massive):

I agree, Viator does a terrible job of categorising "self guided" / gamified tours.

Charles Shima (Founder/CEO, Tourifique):

Hello Benoit
Great article. I am building an OTA for Afrocentric things to do around the world. While my OTA is still a baby, I have asked this question many times: Why do big brands such Louis Vuitton has a shop at a mall? in addition to their store.
I see my OTA as a mall. The one stop centre for tour operators to gain more visibility and reach a variety of travellers. Let's face it some consumers don't know what they want.

My experience running my travel platform so far indicates that there many small operators with authentic and local experiences that we are bringing to travellers. Otherwise, it would been challenging to find. SEO takes time!

Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

Hi Charles,
Thank you for your comment! I totally agree that OTAs serve as a great discovery tool. I usually don't know what I want to do when planning to visit a destination and I'm looking for inspiration and recommendations on the more unique experiences that are specific to that destination. However, as large OTAs scale (shifting from curated to open market place), it becomes increasingly difficult for smaller and differentiated operators to stand out if the main ranking factor in the OTA listings is revenue generated to the platform (favouring large scale operators or operators willing to pay higher commissions).

Brett Eldershaw (Founder & Director, Colourful Trips / Zepher Tours / Colourful Collective Travel):

Hi Benoit, a pretty accurate wrap of the situation. In answer to your questions;
2. A. The inability for an operator to respond to customer reviews on GYG. This leaves operators very vulnerable to false or inaccurate reviews
B. OTAs wanting higher commission to pay you more than once a month, or more commission to prevent them running ads across your page promoting your competitors (because they pay more).
C. ITOs facilitating the entry of OTAS in to the wholesale distribution space, because ITOs have been laggards to adopting API technology

Benoit Collin (Founder, Wandr):

Many thanks for your insights Brett!

A. You just made me realised responding to customer reviews was not a possibility. As far as I understand, customers can only leave a review if they've actually booked the tour or activity, which helps prevent fake reviews. But I agree with you that it would be beneficial for operators to have the opportunity to reply and provide additional context when needed.

B. It was news to me that operators have to increase their commission rates to get paid more frequently. Could you share an estimate of how much the commission typically goes up in such situations?

I've always thought the practice of placing ads across operators' pages was damaging the OTA / Operator relationship. From the OTA's point of view, it makes economic sense because they aim to secure a booking, whether it's with you or a competitor. So they are increasing their chances of conversion while intensifying competition to make extra money from operators willing to pay more for more exposure. But, as Scott mentioned above, it does not serve the end customer as they simply get presented with whoever offers the highest commission and not the best product.

I would prefer to improve the search and comparison process for customers from the start, and remove on-page ads to give operators the best possible chance to secure a booking when a customer visits their page.

Rudi Medved (Business & Product Developer, World Discovery):

Good points. Most tour providers, at least in the beginning, will always need some kind of help in pushing their product. Perhaps the way OTAs do it will change, but the principle will stay.

End of comments.

#10. Exploring Japan's Outdoors: A look at my 9 days in Far East Hokkaido: Adventure, Wildlife, and the Ainu (16 upvotes, 1 comments).

Posted by Will Tang in Video, Japan, Hokkaido, Kushiro, Outdoors, Nature.
Featured on Mar 12, 2024 (1 month ago).


Will Tang (Chief of Awesome, Content Creator, Video Producer, Going Awesome Places):

When you think about Japan, you rarely think about caldera lakes, wildlife, Indigenous culture, sulphrous steam vents, and rivers made for kayaking. This is a look at my 9 days in Far East Hokkaido.

Thanks for watching!

👉 Planning a trip to Hokkaido? Here's a link to my 9 day itinerary on my blog:


End of comments.

Upcoming Events


#1. WTM Latin America 2024

City: Sao Paulo, Brasil
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WTM Latin America is Latin America's B2B travel and tourism event offering excellent business opportunities, better return on investment and access to qualified buyers and influencers from the travel and tourism industry.

Professionals from all areas, such as travel agencies, travel operators, accommodation, airlines, cruises, luxury products and technology, among others.

During just 3 days, you can explore the latest trends, look for new products, expand your contact network and find opportunities that will boost your business.

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#2. AI & Travel - Opportunity or a passing trend?

City: Ljubljana
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Join us for a focused discussion on AI's impact, challenges, and opportunities in the travel industry.

This event, organized in partnership with Slovenian Travel Press, features expert insights from Klemen Furlan, director of the company HopGuides.

Klemen is a travel professional skilled in AI technology in the travel sector. They've successfully integrated AI into personalized tour guides, enhancing user experiences while supporting sustainable tourism practices.

Their AI-driven solutions have transformed the way tourists interact with destinations, bringing a seamless blend of cultural depth and technological sophistication to the tourism industry.

The debate will be moderated in Slovene language by Rudi Medved and Marjana Grčman.

Why should you attend?

🔥Understand the direct impact of AI on travel industry trends and operations
🔥Learn about the challenges and opportunities AI presents to travel professionals
🔥Network with experts and peers interested in technology and travel

To ensure a well-organized event, please apply to attend. Your early application helps us prepare effectively.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and connections in the travel industry. See you soon!

Location: Best Western Premier Hotel Slon
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#3. Social With Stripe in Barcelona

City: Barcelona
When: Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024, starting at 21:30

This April, Travel Massive returns to Barcelona.

Join Stripe and FutureTravel for some fun late evening networking, at Dry Martini, following the Annual International Hotel Technology Forum 2024 (IHTF).

We're looking forward to bringing the Travel Massive community together for an evening of networking, food and drinks. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Whether you're attending the Annual International Hotel Technology Forum or not, come and meet with like minded professionals from across the travel, hospitality and leisure sectors.

The evening is also an opportunity to connect with Stripe's Travel, Transport and Leisure Lead James Lemon. Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. Millions of companies from the world's largest enterprises to the most ambitious start-ups use Stripe to accept payments, grow revenue and accelerate new business opportunities.

Travel Massive first timer or long-standing regular, we're looking forward to welcoming you.

📍 Dry Martini, Carrer d'Aribau, 162-166 L'Eixample, 08036, Barcelona
🗓️ Date: 16th April 2024
🕕 Time: 21:30 – 00:00

Questions about this event? Please email Matthew Gardiner: Matthew@TravelMassive.com.

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#4. Panel Discussion: Media Engagement Tactics for Travel & Hospitality Industry

City: Ho Chi Minh City
When: Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024, starting at 16:30

Travel Massive Saigon is back on 23 April with an exciting panel discussion on Media Engagement Tactics for Travel & Hospitality Industry.

Our speakers from the HCMC Tourism Department, PR Newswire, Luxperia DMC, What The Pho YouTube channel, and Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam will discuss how to forge effective collaborations between different types of media and tourism businesses and share successful examples of these partnerships.

After the panel, the attendees will have a chance to network with fellow Travel Massive members from various tourism and hospitality sectors, including hotels, tour operators, DMCs, and travel media.

This event is taking place at YUNKA, a new exciting venue in the heart of Saigon, and is co-hosted by PR Newswire who are kindly sponsoring welcome drinks and finger food for our members.

Chris Thompson
Director of Business Development | Harper's Bazaar Vietnam

Chris has spent the last 10 years in Ho Chi Minh City following a career in the corporate world in London at companies like Nestle and Pernod Ricard. His first role in Vietnam was Area Director Indochine for Rothschild Estates.

A position as Editor-At-Large for Harper’s Bazaar in 2017 introduced him to the media landscape in Vietnam. Chris was voted Drinks Business Asia Influencer of The Year in 2018 and enjoys sharing his culinary adventures with 12,000 followers on social media and, in addition to his role at Harper’s Bazaar, also consults for hotels and restaurants in Vietnam.


Megan Ly
Account Director | PR Newswire Asia

Megan is a communications professional with 8 years of experience in the field. Her journey began as she worked for an independent travel guide covering Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Currently serving as the Account Director at Cision PR Newswire, Megan collaborates closely with various brands (hospitality, technology, FMCG and more) to amplify their voices on the global stage. Through strategic communication, she ensures that their stories resonate with audiences worldwide.

Van Vu
KOL | What The Pho YouTube channel

Van produces Vietnam-related content for the YouTube channel What The Pho. Van Vu was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam. At the age of 17, she went to study abroad in the United States and graduated with Marketing and Finance majors. She moved back to Vietnam to pursue her dream of becoming an ambassador of Vietnam who promotes Vietnamese food and culture to international friends.

Lan Le
Co-Founder and Managing Director | Luxperia DMC

Lan brings over a decade of expertise in luxury travel and MICE planning. As Managing Director of Luxperia, he oversees HR, SOPs, R&D, finance, business development, and operations. Passionate about sustainable tourism, he's driven Luxperia to global acclaim.

San Luong
Social Media Marketing Coordinator | HCMC Department of Tourism

San has been the Social Media Coordinator for the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism since 2021. In her role, she oversees and manages administration of visit.hochiminhcity for Destination Marketing and International KOL partnerships to promote Vietnamese cuisine, attractions, festivals, and entertainment.


4:30 pm - 5:00 pm - Arrival and networking
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm - Panel discussion
5:45 pm - 6:30 pm - Networking and drinks

Please note that the number of guests is limited so register in advance if you would like to attend.

Disclaimer: By registering for this event you agree to share your contact information with the event co-host PR Newswire.

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#5. Social With Stripe in San Francisco

City: San Francisco
When: Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024, starting at 7:00 PM

Join Stripe and members of Travel Massive for some fun late evening food, drinks and networking after Stripe Sessions 2024 at Moscone Center.

📍Southside Spirit House
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This is a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. Whether you're attending the Stripe Sessions or not, come and meet with like-minded professionals from across the travel, hospitality and leisure sectors.

🌍 About Stripe
Stripe is revolutionizing the travel industry by providing seamless and secure payment infrastructure for the movement and managing of money. By leveraging advanced technology infrastructure, Stripe eliminates the frustrations and inefficiencies associated with traditional payment methods - including offering a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with various travel services, enabling travelers to make hassle-free transactions across the globe. Stripe simplifies the payment experience for travelers, ultimately enhancing their overall travel journey and satisfaction.

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#6. Madrid Networking Beers

City: Madrid
When: Thursday, Apr 25, 2024, starting at 20:00

Free event. Let's meet at a nice bar in Malasaña with Craft Beers, Wine, soft drinks and International Food.
Talking about Sustainable Tourism, Latest Trends and Networking. Onwards 8 pm. we will be there until 11 pm.
NANAI Restaurante. Espacio cultural
Calle del Barco, 26, 28004 Madrid Metro: Tribunal / Gran Via Malasaña.
Veniros a nuestro Evento Gratuito. Hablaremos sobre Turismo Sostenible y Nuevas Tendencias. También para Networking y hacer nuevos contactos en NANAI con cervezas artesanales y comida internacional. Podéis llegar desde las 20 h. estaremos hasta las 23 h.

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• We're reaching out to this vibrant community with an exciting opportunity to be part of something new! We're nearing a significant milestone in our journey and are seeking individuals interested in sharing their insights and experiences to help shape a new platform targeted at smaller multi-day tour operators (initially focused on itinerary and booking, and growing from there). If you enjoy trying out new things and offering constructive feedback, we'd love to connect with you! We want to learn more about your business and challenges that you are facing, and then explore whether you’d be interested in our beta program, coming out this summer. **👀 Who we are looking for...** • Multi-day outbound tour operators • With 1-5 core employees (excluding guides) • Focused on custom tours (FIT or Group) and not multi-departures • Mainly selling direct to consumer (not often selling through a Travel Agency) • And not currently using an integrated tool to manage your business, or using Travefy for itineraries **🎁 Benefits of participating include....** • Gift cards as a token of appreciation for your time and feedback • The ability to shape the direction of our product • Early or discounted access to the eventual product once it's ready for launch • Exclusive access to advanced features before anyone else and provide crucial insights to shape its development If you're interested in learning more and potentially joining us, please reach out to us privately at **elizabethbrandt838@gmail.com**. Let's start a conversation and see where it leads!
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Classified #7. The TBEX Travel Creator Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Travel Content

• Company: TBEX
• Location: Worldwide.
• We are thrilled to announce the launch of the **TBEX Travel Creator Awards** Presented by Travelpayouts, an initiative designed to recognize and honor the exceptional talent and contributions of individuals and entities shaping the landscape of travel content. **Categories include:** • Best Travel Blog • Best Travel Photography • Best Travel Podcast • Best Travel Video • Outstanding Social Media Presence • Best Collaboration Place Your Nomination Today.
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