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Traveling to Cuba
A travel vlog about Varadero, Cuba

A cinematic vlog on where to go in Varadero, Cuba, things to do & inside on the real food in Cuba. Surprisingly the food is actually good there but depends where you go and I share some tips. There are also some big changes in Cuba to know about. Enjoy!

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23 days ago

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Digital Nomad

Hello this is Asya here & I am an iPhone Content Creator and digital nomad! I hope you enjoy this video that was shot on my iPhone 13 Pro Max & it inspires you to book that trip to Cuba. Have you been to Cuba before?

21 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Asya, thanks for sharing your vlog with the Travel Massive community!

What was the most surprising thing you discovered about Cuba?

I’m interested to visit (one day) since I find there’s always a connection with people who live on islands.

21 days ago
Digital Nomad

Great question. There are a few things but I would say I was surprised that USD is the main currency that most things are priced in when you go to the touristy areas even though USD is illegal in Cuba but people still will accept it & it circulates among the people & they love it if you tip or pay for things in USD. And the CUP - Moneda National the people hate if you tip with that or buy things with it but they can't deny you.

I was also surprised when talking to some of the locals how some of them actually work around the system to be quit wealthy. It just showed me that it doesn't matter a persons circumstances, if you really want something you'll find a way.

I love Cuba & the people though its a great country to visit.

20 days ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

A fantastic country!

22 days ago
Digital Nomad

yes it is!

20 days ago
Founder and Head Hammock Tester,

Thanks for sharing your time, Asya. I loved my short trip to Cuba and want to go back soon to explore a lot more.

20 days ago
Digital Nomad

Yes there is so much to see!

20 days ago
Founder, Made to Wander

I went to Cuba for a couple of weeks back in 2012. It would be interesting to see how much its changed in 10 years! Varadero was nice to be able to walk across the street to the beach but my heart was in Trinidad.

I really liked the idea of staying in casa particulares. The hosts were always lovely and would nearly always offer to make you dinner for a small additional cost. Which was usually better than eating in a restaurant!

21 hours ago
Digital Nomad

That's awesome, we've never been to Trinidad yet but definitely have to go!

11 hours ago
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