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The Slow Travel Network

Creating stories about slow travel, powered by UnTours
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Through the Slow Travel Network, we plan to develop stories that highlight outstanding and replicable ways travelers and the tourism industry are making the world better.

About UnTours: UnTours is the world’s first B Corp certified company and is paving the way for slow travel and responsible tourism experiences in Europe. UnTours began in Switzerland and expanded to over 25 destinations over the decades. Learn about us over at

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CMO, UnTours &

Hey Travel Massive community!

We're launching the UnTours Media Network (free to join) and UnFluencers group (apply to join) in partnership with content creators who care about traveling for good.

The UnTours Media Network will share stories that highlight outstanding and replicable ways travelers and the tourism industry are making the world better through personal connection. Our mission is to create and inspire more "human connections per traveler mile" (CPTMs) every year.

πŸ‘‰ Anyone can join the UnTours Media Network to stay in touch with our stories and updates β€” just hit the "join" button at the top of this page to be part of it.

Who are The UnFluencers?

πŸ’š Lovers of real stories. Interesting stories that draw you in β€” real-time, poignant, touching, funny, memorable, surprising stories of meeting people in local destinations, really getting to know them and having new experiences together. The travel industry and the travel media industry has become infatuated with the staged visuals. Most of the good things about travel, including the help it can provide in preserving cultural heritage and natural environments, happen away from those stunning visuals and in the midst of human interactions.

πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ UnFluencers are UnAligned with what we’re seeing from travel media and social media personalities β€” leading us to launch a new media initiative among like-minded content creators who are the UnFluencers.

What benefits do UnFluencers receive?

πŸ“’ Listed on our UnFluencers page (coming soon) with links to your blog and socials.

πŸ‘€ Exclusive access to FAM trip opportunities (priority is given to people closest to the destination or who don't need to fly, as we're mindful of our environmental impact).

πŸ’° Commissioned blog posts (we commission 3 articles a month between the group).

πŸ† An UnFluencer Badge, highlighting your role as an UnFluencer champion and travel expert. Badges can be shared on your website socials.

🀫 Invite to our private WhatsApp group with direct access to our team.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ How to apply to be an UnFluencer?

1. Join the UnTours Media Network, here on Travel Massive (click the "join" button).
2. Apply at with a link to your completed Travel Massive profile, an example of your content, and a short introduction about yourself.

Apply before March 20th to be considered for our first round of applicants.

βœ… What is the criteria to be an UnFluencer?

β€’ A combined audience of at least 5,000 (e.g. website visitors, followers)
β€’ Published content (e.g. an article, blog post, or video) related to slow travel
β€’ An up-to-date Travel Massive profile (with all your links, and bio).

Note that we make the decision on a case-by-case basis. We may bend the rules to accomodate you if you can demonstrate why YOU should be an UnFluencer.

We're very excited about this new initiative, and looking forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to drop me a DM or comment below.

3 months ago
Founder, Bag Designer, Idea Mountain

Hey! I've known about UnTours for a long time! I am lucky enough to know a longtime (former) member of that team, and I've always been impressed by their mission and personality. Very smart to connect up here with Travel Massive - a great crossover. everyone should pay attention to these UNfluencers.

2 months ago
CMO, UnTours &

Last day to apply as an UnFluencer! (March 20)

Announced 2 months ago
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi, NaviSavi

This is AMAZING!!!!!

2 months ago
CMO, UnTours &

Appreciate the enthusiasm! ;)

2 months ago