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February 2022
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The Slowbound Society is a new community mastermind for likeminded leaders looking to speak to the slow seekers of the world.

Today’s guest is seeking experiences that move them away from urgency, chaos, and separation… and into a slower groove of play, peace, and connection.

Hospitality & tourism hosts will need to create highly sensorial and storied experiences to appeal to this growing segment of consumers. Are you ready to align your experience with the slow tourism & hospitality movement?

The Slowbound Society was created by two slow travelers with a passion for storytelling, cultural exploration, and wellbeing. Our mission is to help hospitality & tourism hosts align with the slow travel movement through experience design and storytelling.

This intimate mastermind-style society is a great place to connect, learn, and grow. Perks of joining include:

• A monthly mastermind for topical strategic support and guidance
• Office hours for personalized creative feedback on your projects
• Guest speakers with answers to your pressing marketing questions
• Monthly challenges designed to help you move the needle
• A community of likeminded hosts & leaders you can learn from
• Access to curated reports and resources for continued learning

Join the movement at

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Storyteller, Experience Design, The Storied Experience

Hi everyone! Looking forward to getting a discussion going around slow travel.

We believe slow experiences are the anecdote to the large percent of our population that feels disconnected, cynical, trapped and lost. In helping people get back to their roots, connect with nature, and explore hobbies, rituals, activities, and behaviors that bring them joy, we can help move people out of their dazed & confused pit of despair.

When we say travelers are seeking slowness, what we’re actually saying is they are seeking a more immersive, more nourishing experience. An experience that brings people a sense of harmony with themselves and the world.

Slow seekers are people that desire to be reconnected to their sense of curiosity, vitality, and purpose… and that requires slowing down to experience greater emotional depths.

What have you seen happening around this movement? Would love to connect with anyone who's passionate about this - feel free to send me a message!

1 year ago
Founder / Consultant, Please, Do Tell and Recuerdos

Hey there,

We are so excited to connect with you and discuss all things slow travel. We have always been believers that seeing the world at a slower pace could change us and those we encounter in our journeys. For us, it’s less about where you are going and more about how you engage in deeper ways with the people and culture around you right now and when you discover a destination.

The Slowbound Society seeks to support hospitality and tourism hosts creators in storytelling and design. We want to help you create memorable experiences for your guests.

If you sign up for Slowbound anytime between now and February 9th, Samantha and I are offering a complimentary creative evaluation of your website and social media feed! Take advantage of our storytelling expertise as we look at your online presence through the eyes of a slow traveler.

Looking forward to connecting with you - please feel free to send us a message! I'll leave you with a quote that resonated with us and hopes it does with you too!

“ The focus of slow travel is more about how to travel rather than where to travel, for it’s possible to feel just as inspired ten miles from as it is ten thousand” - Kinfolk

1 year ago
Travel Writer and Advisor, TravelingJudi (A division of Manitou Strategies Inc.)

Is there a course available? I write about Slow Travel.

1 year ago
Storyteller, Experience Design, The Storied Experience

Hi Judi! No course yet, but we're going to be building out a library which we're thinking eventually will be turned into something that people can go through. Will keep you posted!

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi, NaviSavi

This is great! My company NaviSavi just started to add sustainable tour activities, hotels, etc to our platform.
Let's connect on promoting these activities on our platform to help educate users! :) My email is

1 year ago
Founder / Consultant, Please, Do Tell and Recuerdos

Hi Sally! Thank you - we would love to learn more about NaviSavi and explore how we can work together. I just started following you on Linkedin. :)

1 year ago
CEO & Founder, NaviSavi, NaviSavi

Sounds good! :)

1 year ago