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Costa Rica Travel Massive
A travel community in Costa Rica

Serving both Costa Rica and its capital San Jose - the Costa Rica Travel Massive chapter will bring a focus on connecting innovators in the tourism industry to share and discuss ideas.

Costa Rica achieved new records in 2015 with 2.66 million visitors and total earnings of US$2.882 billion. The United States was one more time the main source of tourists to Costa Rica, with 1,077,044 visitors in 2015, up 8% from 2014. Arrivals from Europe grew by 6.1%.

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4 years ago

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Founder, Heels and Valise Tours - Kenya

Hola todos! Alguien que se dedica a cruceros aqui?

2 months ago
Travel writer,

Hola, hola! I'm Emily! I've been living in Costa Rica for almost 4 years, but I've been traveling here since I was a teenager. I'm really looking forward to connecting with other Travel Massive members... do we have any upcoming events or opportunities? ✌️

1 month ago
Founder and Head Hammock Tester,

So sorry to have not seen this, Emily. We've been on hiatus since the pandemic started, but it's way beyond time to get together in person. I have a couple of offers from cool, sustainable hotels to host, so I'll get something on the calendar soon!

11 days ago
Travel writer,

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply! That sounds exciting to connect with hotels and Travel Massive folks soon! Looking forward to event updates! *Let me know if there are any opportunities to support the CR TM group, I'd love to help! 😎 ✌️

11 days ago
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