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A database of top US & CA influencers for your travel brand or destination.

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This database contains over 400 verified North American travel influencers that work with travel brands and destinations — save hundreds of hours researching travel content creators for your campaign.

What's included

  • Spreadsheet format (Excel and CSV)

  • 400+ rows, sortable columns

  • Blog URL and backlink count

  • Affiliate partners

  • Domain Authority (DA) score

  • Estimated monthly traffic

  • Instagram URL and Bio

  • Instagram follower count + Reels stats

  • Twitter URL and Bio

  • Twitter follower count

  • YouTube Channel URL

  • YouTube subscriber count

  • TikTok URL and Bio

  • TikTok follower count

  • Link to "Work with Me" / Media Kit page

  • Based in (e.g. Nashville)

  • Categories (e.g. "Luxury, Adventure")

  • Contact email (if public)

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Last updated: August 2023

Frequently asked questions

Who is this influencer database for?
This database is designed for brands and destinations — including tourism boards, DMOs, hotels, tour operators, airlines, luxury and lifestyle brands, travel startups, and PR agencies — to source qualified travel influencers.
How can I use the database?
Use this database in Excel or Google Sheets to search and identify content creators for your FAM trip, sponsored post, product launch, conference, affiliate marketing program, or influencer outreach.
What data is included?
The dataset (400+ rows) includes over 25 fields, such as: Name, Based in (e.g. NYC), "Work with Me" page, Blog, Domain Authority (DA), Backlink Count, Estimated Traffic, Affiliate Partners, Bios and follower/subscriber counts for Instagram (including Reels stats), YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok.
How is this list sourced and verified?
The database is curated from Travel Massive's worldwide network of over 15,000 verified travel influencers and experts. We've manually verified that each influencer is active, has an audience, and works with brands.
How do I contact influencers in the database?
We provide public emails, and direct links to "work with me" pages so you can easily contact influencers directly, in addition to their social media profiles. We can also assist with "warm intros" to influencers as an additional service.
How accurate is the data?
We take every care to ensure the data is up to date, and error free. Our database is developed with many years of experience working with influencer and social media data, and is created on our own platform.
Do you provide email addresses?
We provide public contact email addresses (99% coverage).
Do I need any special software to access the database?
We provide you with a digital download in XLS and CSV format - which you can open in Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet software.
Are there any limitations to how I can use the data?
To safeguard our members' businesses, the database can only be used for legitimate influencer outreach (e.g. not for scraping content) — it cannot be shared with any 3rd parties (e.g. your client), or published in any part or form.
What is your purchase policy?
Once you've made an online payment, we'll provide you with a downloadable link within 1 business day (often sooner) so you can get started right away.

Data Insights

Total Reach by Channel (Millions)
Tiktok YouTube Twitter Instagram Blog/Website 0.0 2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0 12.5 15.0 17.5 20.0 22.5 25.0 8.18.1M 10.610.6M 13.613.6M 18.318.3M 22.922.9M
Total accounts: TikTok (72), YouTube (200), Twitter (348), Instagram (399), Web (400)
Average reach: TikTok (112k), YouTube (53k), Twitter (39k), Instagram (45k), Web (57k)
Top Categories (# of accounts)
Slow Travel Wellness Points Cruise Flying Hiking Fashion Nomad Outdoors Accommodation Podcast Solo Travel Journalist Vanlife Women's Travel Luxury Travel Sustainability Video Family Travel Lifestyle Photography Travel Guide Food Adventure Writing 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 11 11 12 12 13 13 16 16 17 17 18 18 20 20 22 22 24 24 24 24 25 25 29 29 39 39 46 46 48 48 55 55 55 55 71 71 75 75 78 78 94 94 109 109 145 145 166 166 248 248
Filter profiles by popular tags such as Family Travel or Sustainability.
Search over 40,000 words of profile text (bio, location) in one place.

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