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Marta Magnoni
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I started my blog, Bakers & Artists, a few years ago as a dessert bog from all my travels around the world. From large purveyors to small independently owned ones. A global search for beautifully crafted desserts, ideas, products, packaging, flavor profiles, trends and the most unique items in the world - on Facebook alone we average 400,000 views a month with a very engaged following of 65,000 fans. My blog - even though it's being revised currently and not in it's final state received thousands of views a month. Today, I am transitioning Bakers & Artists to include more of my travel photography, stories and tips and guides from my adventures in over 45 countries. It will be a food and product blog wrapped with personal travel favorites and personal photography - with key notes on hotels and restaurants and tour ideas. Because of my blog, I have been so fortunate to have met great people around the world wanting to help me as I collect and curate content. I have my photos and notes ready and a new blog template that will allow for the addition of a travel section. I have just returned from Jordan, Quebec, Kentucky, and I am off to Colombia, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary in the next 3 months. I speak 3 languages fluently (Italian, Spanish and English) and am studying German and French. I grew up in Milan and New York. I have an MBA in Marketing and a full time corporate job in a media company in New York. I am currently focused on increasing my Instagram followers having just joined a month ago (over 1,000 in one month).
Cover photo: Quebec City, Canada (my photo)

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Traveled to over 45 countries.Creating a travel section (with all my content) on my food blog - on FB I hit 400k views/m.Looking to join a community.