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Eric J Hoffman
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Culinary travel content creator at Food and Drink Destinations. Currently back on the road exploring new destinations for food and drink.

April 2015
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  • Hey Ian, long time no...... Thanks for sharing this. I don't see us getting to Oaxaca but you never know. We'll be in Mexico City in January after we get back from Thailand. Thanks for the tips, we'll certainly take a look. Hope you are doing well. Eric

  • Thanks for sharing this Bryon. We've been eating really well and always welcome additional recommendations.

  • We are in Puerto Vallarta for the next five weeks. Looking for all types of tips from food, drinks, and things to do. Many thanks for your suggestions! Looking to hear from the Travel Massive community.

  • We are making our first trip to Curacao and Bonaire islands in the Caribbean and are looking for tips and recommendations on what and where to eat in drink. This includes restaurants, food trucks, food tours, distilleries, breweries, basically anywher... show more