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Ioana Stoica
Entrepreneur, Blogger, Marketer, Photographer, Social Media Manager, The World Is My Playground

I'm on a mission to see the world and share it with you. Having traveled since I was a toddler, I've explored 34 countries and looking to make it an even 100.

I recently left a successful career in the corporate world to follow my dreams and start my own business where I can incorporate her passions of traveling, marketing, and photography.

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    Rio de Janeiro Travel Massive


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    São Paulo Travel Massive

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    Buenos Aires Travel Massive

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    Santiago Travel Massive


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    Lima Travel Massive

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    Medellin Travel Massive


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    Quito Travel Massive

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    Bogotá Travel Massive


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    Costa Rica Travel Massive

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    Toronto Travel Massive

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I want to join because I want to connect with individuals in the travel space, especially those living in Toronto!